A Day At Rathmullen Beach

I slept in today and woke at a shameful hour to the sound of my phone buzzing. Zombified and puffy, I picked it up without looking at the screen and my best friend Casey told me to be ready in an hour because we’re going to the beach. Usually I would moan and groan about leaving my bed for anything but the twinges of guilt about sleeping past noon were settling in and I figured I needed the exercise.

She picked me up on time (for once!) after I had a dirty fry-up for breakfast with my little brother (who actually said thank you) and we headed off to Rathmullen beach, although at the time I wasn’t sure which one we were headed to. Surprisingly the sky wasn’t parting its clouds and soaking everything beneath; I say ‘surprisingly’ because it’s Ireland, and it never stays dry for long.


The minute we got there and I stepped outside, I realised I made a huge mistake by not bringing a coat; I had a jumper on, but the wind was still biting. Nonetheless we had a lovely walk on the beach and walked the stretch of the sand in our bare feet. It made me realise how much I loved the feeling of sand between my toes and that it would probably be one of the last times in a while I’d feel it after moving to London.


We nearly got stranded on a little sand island after crossing shallow water because we didn’t know how quickly the tide would come in. After trying to dry off our feet (unsuccessfully) and rolling down our jeans, we headed up the road to a great little café called Belle’s Kitchen where I had a hot fudge sundae and a cup of tea. I had my exercise for the day in the bag, yummy food and great conversation with my best friend – it was a better day than most!



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