ArcadeCon 2014


ArcadeCon 2014. Where to start? It finished almost 2 weeks ago but I’m still feeling some of the effects, mainly in the form of calluses on my feet. Who needs a pedicure? This guy!

It was the 4th year of the convention and lots of the usual staff came back with a few newbies or ‘baby staff’ as I like to refer to them as (Is that degrading? Hmm…). There were amazing guests this year, including Adventure Time creator Pendleton War, Star Trek EMH (or Emergency Medical Holographic) played by Robert Picardo, cosplayer Michelle D’Antonio otherwise known as Missyeru, colourist Ruth Redmond, author Michael Carroll, astrophysicist Dr Joseph Roche and director Zoe Kavanagh.

Robert Picardo with the USS Cuchulain

Robert Picardo with the USS Cuchulain

I was the press officer for ArcadeCon this year so I was in close contact with certain special guests, particularly Robert Picardo, who I have to say was a delight to be around. He and Pendleton Ward in particular were guests that most conventions can only dream of because they were accommodating, polite, generous with their time and resources and freely walked about the convention interacting with fans. It was wonderful to meet these fine people and I can only hope next year’s guests are as good.

It was a bit emotional during the weekend, however, because many of the senior staff thought that it would be the last ArcadeCon convention ever due to the stress and pressure on directors Declan Doody and Mairead Lyons both financially and emotionally. The convention raises so much money for charity and this year we made over €3000 in the auction, not to mention the thousands of people who come through the Ballsbridge doors every year and have an amazing time. Due to this rumour going around, when we finally got up on stage for the closing ceremony we were all on the brink of a breakdown because we thought this wonderful convention would be over forever.

Two of our awesome staff members with cosplayer Missyeru

Two of our awesome staff members with cosplayer Missyeru

Although there are some rumours going around that it was some kind of stunt, anyone who knows the directors or were part of the staff knows it wasn’t, or even anyone who has sacrificed parts of their personal life to make a convention of this size happen. It came so close to ending but seeing how much it means to people and how successful it is prompted the directors to change their minds and I’m so glad they did. That moment of relief on stage is still itching at me and half of us were in floods of tears while the other half were laughing in relief.

ArcadeCon is a place where so many like minded people can come together and find common ground, to enjoy a weekend together surrounded by the people, games, movies, comics and anime that they love the most, sometimes in the form of cosplays (which were great this year again, particularly Maleficent). Here’s some of the following great cosplays that were at the convention (shamelessly robbed from ArcadeCon’s Facebook page):

arcadecon 5

arcadecon 4

arcadecon 6

The trade hall had lots of artists this year as well as the usual businesses including t-shirt, comic, manga and DVD companies selling lots of goodies that cleared out many pockets and purses. A personal favourite of mine was the super talented PompBerry who I bought beautiful Daenerys and Drogo prints off of, among many others who showcased and sold their work over the weekend.

arcadecon together

With all the awesome panels, workshops, activities including K-pop dance classes, Vanguard tournaments, RPGs, the Starlight Ball and the fabulous burlesque show, this is the best ArcadeCon yet and I for one am so looking forward to staffing in 2015. On that note, more chairs!

arcadecon 2015


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