Irish Tatler Spa Awards: Working Hard or Hardly Working

So today I sauntered into work wearing burgundy jeans and a Bershka top, not looking rough but certainly  not fancy, when I was told that I’d be going to the Spa Awards that day. I nearly kicked myself because I stayed home on Friday because I was ill so I didn’t find out. I knew the event was going to be fancy and I weighed the pros and cons of rushing home to change and coming back, but it was too far and I’d be holding people up.


So I got a lift with a lovely woman who works there and we went to the Four Seasons where the event was being held. It was a really great experience to see how events like this happen and I spent most of the time backstage helping out with goodie bags and moving things around. There was also a lot of waiting as well, there’s no point leaving that out, but it was good as I really got a sense of what it’s all about. It’s easy to see these kind of events as super fun and laid back, which they are of course, but when you’re helping out or putting them together then there is a lot of work involved.

It was really fantastic working with people from PR and events management and watching them do their thing; it takes so much work to make sure events run smoothly and today went so well. They also had first class goodie bags and I must say I spent a good amount of time looking at them enviously and hoping some people might accidentally leave one behind.

It turned out that there were some leftover anyway and because other interns and I helped out all day, they let us take them home! So now I have lots of sample products to try out and I can chill out tonight with my copy of July’s issue of Irish Tatler. The cover looks gorgeous and my pieces in the ‘Short and Sweet’ section are in there too. It was a very exciting day for me!


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