Dilemma: Work Attire

After an increasingly desperate search to try and get some work experience for the summer, I finally (somehow) managed to get an internship at Irish Tatler magazine! Needless to say I am very very excited about this as they only take on one intern at a time and the pervious girl, Rebecca Brennan, was a contributor. This bodes well for me as writing is my favourite thing to do and my goal is to get as much practice this summer as possible!

There’s a problem, however, as there often is: I don’t have any work-appropriate clothes to wear to work every day. I’ve just finished college and I spent the last 3 years in and out of sweat pants, jumpers and hoodies – which would be totally out of place in an office of any kind, let alone the office of a glamorous magazine.


So I spent about 3 hours yesterday walking around Dublin city trying to find something, anything, to wear! I’ve never really bought this kind of clothing before so I didn’t know what to look for, and when I found something that seemed right it just looked strange on me because I’m not used to seeing myself wearing blazers and fitted trousers. These are the times when I wish my mom was beside me to help!


I actually did call my mom but it’s not the same as her being there to actually see the clothes. I found a few nice things in Debenhams but they were all so expensive and I had to buy basically a whole wardrobe and couldn’t spent the whole budget on one nice dress. I ended up getting a nice white shirt that’s suitable for summer but I’m not sure if that means it’s also suitable for an office. Anyway I’ve decided to forgo shopping for the time being while I crawl back up the country so that I can get help with choosing an outfit. Here’s hoping I find something in my little town back home (sigh).


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